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DEARBORN - After a long winter, classic Ford and Mustang owners are hot to trot with their prized rides, and now is the time to saddle up had head South for some great car shows over the March 24th weekend. One great up-and-coming event you won’t want to miss is “Ponies In The Smokies,” held March 21-24 in Sevierville / Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Ponies In The Smokies presented by National Parts Depot was founded on the idea of getting your Ponies out and driving them! While you can expect to see some of the nicest show cars in the country on display at the “All-Ford Cruise-In” on Friday and Saturday, you can also take your steed out for some fun “Shine Run” days on Wednesday and Thursday. Check out our coverage of last year’s inaugural show, then sign up to experience the 2nd Annual Pones In the Smokies this year in person!

Prefer a more traditional Mustang club show experience? You can’t do much better than the Gulf Coast Regional Mustang Club’s big show held in Pensacola, Florida, each spring. This year’s 39th Annual Gulf Coast Regional Mustang Show is back at the Pensacola State Fairgrounds March 23-25 and has something for everyone. If your travels that same weekend are only taking you as far as South Carolina, then you should check out the 6th Annual Pee Dee Roundup on March 24, hosted by the Eastern South Carolina Mustang Club in Downtown Florence, SC. And if Georgia is on your mind, then you need to see the 22nd Annual Cherry Blossom Mustang and All Ford Show March 24. It’s being held at the William H. Hutchings Career Center in Macon, GA, hosted by our friends in the Flag City Mustang Club. Just click on the links for more information.

Are you planning to be in the Detroit area that same weekend instead? Then you should plan to see a special tribute going on at the Automotive Hall of Fame in Dearborn for the late Roy Lunn, known as the “Godfather of the Ford GT40.” During his 40-year automotive career, Lunn designed a prolific array of vehicles including postwar sports cars, radical concept cars and trucks, iconic racing machines, four-wheel-drive SUVs and even military transports. In 2016, he was inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame for his contributions to automobile engineering. The Roy Lunn exhibit at the AHoF in Dearborn runs through April 12, 2018. Click HERE for more info, or visit the Automotive Hall of Fame website for location and times.

No matter what you decide you’d like to do with your free time, the great thing about owning a performance Ford is that – unlike with buying one of those “appliances” from the other automakers – when you buy a Ford, you buy into an entire enthusiast world! That’s because Ford cars and trucks have the kind of personality and style that forges a personal connection with their owners, who in turn celebrate ownership each year at hundreds of enthusiast events all over the country.

Now’s the time for you to start planning to attend some of the big-name annual events that have already set dates for next year, so stay tuned to our “What’s Happening” section every week to catch the latest show news. We’ll tip you off about all the top-notch venues sponsored by various Ford enthusiast clubs in “Fast News” each week plus provide the best online coverage in our Enthusiasts Newsroom. There you’ll find the inside stories on Ford events and Ford club content that you can't find anywhere else on the Web. We do it because just like you, we’re driving Ford passion!