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MAY 9, 2024 | By Dennis Healy

New 5.0 Fever Sweeps Winner Meets Another 5.0 Fever Winner At Mustang 60th Anniversary

2024 Mustang GT in Black with Bronze Wheels Image by Marcus Cervantes

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – I had won the Ford Motorcraft 5.0 Fever Sweepstakes back in 2019 -- which I still find unbelievable. My story about that win was featured on FordPerformance.com in the Ford Fan Spotlight section back in December 2019.

I took my 1990 Mustang 7-Up Convertible to the Mustang Club of America’s Mustang 60th Anniversary National Show in Birmingham, Alabama, this past April 5th through the 7th, as it is the Mustang that I have been showing at MCA National shows since 2011. Imagine my surprise when Ford Performance Enthusiast Communications Manager John Clor let me know that Ford Performance wanted me to meet up with the newest 5.0 Fever Sweepstakes winner at the Ford Display during the 60th show. I stopped by on a Friday and met up with Austin Atwood of the Ford Special Vehicle Registry and his associate, Chris Muncie, and asked if the new 5.0 Fever winner was there. Unfortunately, they told me the newest winner, John King, had to work that day -- but would be there on Saturday.On Saturday morning I once again stopped at the Ford Display to see if Mr. King was there. I was told he wasn’t there yet -- but within the next 10 minutes, a new 2024 Mustang GT pulled into the lot and parked next to the display.  As soon as John got out of his new Mustang, I introduced myself as the 2019 5.0 Fever winner.We got to compare notes about that fateful telephone call informing us that we were finalists in the 5.0 Fever sweepstakes. While I was at home for my call, John was driving and had to pull over. The people who had placed those calls, Chris Muncie for me and Yvonne Harrison for John, also were at the show – Chris in the Ford Tent and Yvonne in the Special Vehicle Registry Tent. A few days after the original calls, we each received the phone call informing us that we were the Grand Prize Winners.  Just like me, John had similar experiences – you are on the call but in a daze as the people from the 5.0 Fever Sweepstakes are talking to you.We each learned more details about our wins later on. I found out recently that I was the first person that Chris had called about being a finalist. Not recognizing the number, I let it go to voicemail. After listening to the message, I called back within 10 minutes and answered the eligibility questions. John, on the other hand, was the fifth person Yvonne had called. He said that the first person who was called had cursed at Yvonne, telling her not to all back -- and the next three were left messages but did not respond within in the 24-hour time period as specified in the sweepstakes rules. So John got the fifth call.While I chose to order my Mustang GT, going with a Mustang GT Convertible in Kona Blue with the California Special trim, John chose a Shadow Black Mustang GT with the Bronze Package that was in transit to the dealership. He picked up the car on Monday, April 1st, and was at the 60th Anniversary MCA National on Saturday, April 6th.

We took pictures together in front of his new Mustang GT that was parked near the Ford Special Vehicle Registry tent. Just then, Joe Bellino, Ford’s Mustang Brand Manager, joined us for more photos.

On Sunday morning I had stopped by the Special Vehicle Registry tent to say goodbye to all before the event’s awards ceremonies began at 1 p.m. While there, Donald Farr from Mustang Times Magazine stopped by the tent. I introduced him to John which led to even more photos. This time we took some photos with the two of us 5.0 Fever Sweepstakes winners plus Chris and Yvonne. Farr then took some more pictures of just John and his new Mustang GT. I’d say don’t be surprised to see one of them in a future Mustang Times article about the show. My congrats to John King!