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MAR 28, 2024 | By Austin Atwood

Another Successful ‘ponies In The Smokies’ Kicks Off The Mustang Show Season For 2024

Yellow SN95 Mustang inside Ponies in the smokies

SEVIERVILLE, Tenn. – As the snowy season fades and spring emerges, engines roared back to life as Mustang enthusiasts from across the nation descended upon the Pigeon Forge area of Tennessee for the highly anticipated “Ponies in the Smokies” event. Held at the sprawling Sevierville, Tennessee, Convention Center, this year's gathering marked the 8th annual celebration of all things Ford Mustang.Newedge mustang with ponies in the smokies graphic on wall

Kicking off the week-long extravaganza was a “Light the Still” cruise in on Monday, where enthusiasts showcased their prized Mustangs fresh from the winter hibernation. Joined by Gateway Classic Mustang on Tuesday, participants indulged in adrenaline-pumping activities such as autocross and driving schools at the Smokies Stadium parking lot, while the popular Shine Run kickoff captivated spectators. Wednesday saw the thrill continue with more autocross action and the introduction of drifting into the mix. For those craving the straight-line rush, Thursday offered a chance to test their Mustang's fun-spirit on the drag strip at nearby Knoxville Dragway.overview of show field

With the 8th annual celebration of Ponies in the Smokies came a new competition making its inaugural debut, dubbed “King of the Smokies.” This adrenaline-fueled competition put 11 Ford Mustangs through every challenge that the PITS event has to offer. Each contender must prove their Mustang’s worth by competing in the rigorous shine run to show that their car can handle the street, autocross course and start-and-stop competition, as well as demonstrating who can lay down the most horsepower on the Dyno or even who has the fastest ET at the dragstrip. These King of the Smokies Mustangs are put through the ultimate test, and this year's KOTS winner was David Cochran Jr. in his 2020 Grabber Lime Shelby GT500.Green shelby on the dyno

Despite March's unpredictable weather in this part of the country, Friday's show day featured clear skies and warm temperatures, setting the stage for the Ponies in the Smokies show of Mustang excellence. Nearly every inch of the convention center parking lot was filled with Mustangs, spanning the model's illustrious history and providing attendees with a unique opportunity to journey through now seven generations of Mustang evolution. And both cars and vendors filled the center’s 108,000 square-foot indoor display space.foxbodies on display inside convention center

Saturday brought a sprinkle of rain in the morning, but it did little to dampen the spirits of participants. As the clouds parted, Mustangs once again flooded the convention center parking lot, reaffirming the event's status as a must-attend show for enthusiasts of all ages. Awards were handed out around 2:30 p.m. amidst cheers and applause, signaling the end of yet another successful Ponies in the Smokies event. As participants bid farewell to this year's gathering, anticipation already builds for what lies ahead in 2024.

Orange Sn95 Mustang

You won’t want to miss out on next year's action-packed affair, so mark “Ponies in the Smokies” on your calendar next March as a must-see Mustang show. For now, enjoy the photos captured by Austin Atwood who was at PITS this year while manning at the Ford Special Vehicle Registry booth. 

Blue foxbody mustanggateway classic mustang displaymultiple mustangs parked with hoods upfirst generation mustangGrabber Green MustangRed Cobra R with Dealer prep intactRed First gen MustangBlue foxbody mustang