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MAR 7, 2024 | By Austin Atwood

From Hot Rods, Customs And Street Machines, Fords Awe The Crowds At 71st Detroit Autorama

Ford Mustang at Detroit Autorama

DETROIT, Mich. -- The Detroit Autorama, an annual cornerstone event in the automotive world, once again graced the heart of The Motor City with its 71st annual show featuring “something for everyone.” As enthusiasts young and old converged upon downtown Detroit, they were treated to a sight of automotive ingenuity, craftsmanship, and passion.Green Mustang on display

The Detroit Autorama is more than just a car show; it's a celebration of automotive heritage, innovation, and community. This year's event held from March 1-3, 2024, at Detroit’s Huntington Place convention center continued this tradition with a stunning array of custom-built cars, hot rods, classics, and muscle machines, drawing visitors from across the nation to witness the best that the automotive world has to offer.Yelllow 1940s ford on display

At the heart of the Autorama is "The Ridler Award," the most prestigious honor bestowed upon a custom vehicle shown for the first time. This year, the competition was fierce, with high-level contenders such as “Kindig-It” and his hand-built 1953 “Twelve Air” Corvette taking the top prize as the epitome of custom car excellence. Among the standout entries was a meticulously crafted 1968 Mercury Cougar Fastback owned by JF Launier that took four years to create. It boasted flawless paintwork, intricate detailing, unique styling and a powerhouse Boss 529 cubic-inch engine that packs a fierce 770 horsepower. Launier teased a new fastback look at the traditional Mercury Cougar, jokingly claiming it would be, “available this fall exclusively at your local Mercury dealer.”Green Mercury at show

Ford fans enthusiasts had much to celebrate as well, with several iconic Blue Oval creations gracing the show floor. From vintage Fords to modern-day marvels, Ford's presence was felt throughout the event. One particularly notable entry was a fully custom 2000 Ford Mustang Saleen in Bright Atlantic Blue. This Saleen created by Joe William and his team at “ByePolr Performance” caught the attention of all the Ford fans and even many non-Ford fans in the building. The Saleen Mustang was stunningly crafted showcasing the appeal of Ford's fourth-generation pony car. Powered by a Ford Coyote engine and a generous turbo, this is one entry that was certainly not just for show.Blue Saleen Mustang at show

But Autorama isn’t only about the cars; the Detroit venue offers a series of attractions and activities for all sorts of attendees to enjoy. From live music performances, a model car contest, celebrity appearances, a massive Toy-O-Rama and special displays for movie cars -- there was never a dull moment at this year's show. A big fan favorite was a showcase of the five generations of the Batmobile, as well as some of daredevil Evil Knievel’s most famous vintage vehicles. Most importantly, grassroots enthusiasts had the opportunity to mingle with fellow car lovers, swap stories, grab a bite to eat and share their passion for all things automotive.

Shelby coupe at show

Stay tuned for our coverage of “Autorama Extreme 2024” which appeared downstairs at the convention center while the Autorama occupied the main floor. We’ll show you that mix of rat rods, homemade custom vehicles, and other unique creations that pushed the boundaries of traditional automotive design. Until then, take a look at some of our favorite Fords that we saw while walking among the many rows of vehicles on the main floor of the 71st Detroit Autorama:White Foxbody mustang at show

Ford hot rod with flamesBleu ford pickupGreen Ford MaverickRed Ford Falcon

Gray Newedge MustangRed ford pickupFord explorer ST customMercur with ecoboost engine swapKen Block tribute mustangFORD PERFORMANCE PHOTOS / COURTESY AUSTIN ATWOOD, BILL COOK and MARK STORM