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APR 28, 2022 | Photos by Bill Cook

We Tag Along with Detroit’s Shelby Club For Their Shop Tour of RM Motorsports

Blue and White Shelby GT350 in white shop

WIXOM, Mich. – One of the best things about being a member of an enthusiast club is the ability to attend cool club functions at car places you wouldn’t normally experience on your own. A case in point is the Detroit chapter of the Shelby American Automobile Club, known as SAAC-MCR (as in “Motor City Region”), which is also the regional Team Shelby affiliate. Like most well-established car clubs of this ilk, SAAC-MCR / Team Shelby plans regular outings for its members – and many of those offer an inside look at the hobby that we so much enjoy. This past winter, the club set up a shop tour of RM Motorsports in Wixom, Michigan, where members got to get up-close-and-personal with the race shop and the vintage race cars and projects within.Yellow Shelby GT500 first generation
For more than 30 years, RM Motorsports has been a leader in providing racing, engineering, prototyping and restoration services to all types of purpose-built and vintage racing machines from across the Midwest. Known as a one-stop shop for everything from race-prep and track support to even vintage karting, RM Motorsports has a lot going on – so a tour of its showroom and shop is sure to uncover something for any kind of enthusiast. Club member and local super-enthusiast Bill Cook, a roving Ford Performance car-show photographer and a Ford marketing retiree, took part in SAAC-MCR / Team Shelby’s drive out to suburban Detroit’s RM Motorsports facility in Wixom to check things out for us.Vintage pedal cart“Who says you can't have car fun in the middle of winter in Michigan?” Bill said after his Sunday shop visit. ”If you have attended vintage car racing events, it is highly likely you have seen cars prepared by RM . . . often in the winner's circle.” (You can lean more at www.rmmotorsports.com.)Overview of RM Motorsports inside shopOf course, Cook brought along his trusty camera and took pictures of some of the notable Fords that he saw at the shop so that we could share his photos with you in the gallery below:Front end of Shelby GT350

1989-2019 RM Banner

Ken Block fiesta rearKen Block Fiesta FrontShelby GT 350 from rearfront end of pedal cart lotusEngine bay of classic mustangInterior of Shelby GT350 classicLotus pedal carMemorialbila in the shopBody kits sitting on the floor with cars in backgroundRed First gen mustangEngine bay of classic mustangRear of Shelby GT350


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