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OCT 15, 2020 | Photos By Eric Pasteiner

560 Ponies Drive to Mustang Alley for Kentucky's 'Somernites Cruise'

Lineup of mustangs waiting to get into Mustang Alley

SOMERSET, Ky. – After the global pandemic had shut down the Woodward Dream Cruse this past summer, it also meant that there would be no massive annual Ford pony car display area at the event on cruise day. Blue Oval fans were disappointed that there was no replacement activity for Ford’s famed Mustang Alley, the annual “Mile of Mustangs” that lines both sides of East 9 Mile Road at Woodward in Ferndale, Michigan, during the big cruise each August. But well-traveled car show people know there’s another version of Mustang Alley that takes place each year at the “Car Cruise Capital of Kentucky,” in the city of Somerset, about 80 miles south of Lexington.Mustangs lined up to get into the show

Unlike what happened in Detroit, many of the “Somernites Cruise” weekends were not cancelled, so the annual Mustang Alley Showcase Corral was a go for August 21-22. Although typical numbers of 800-1,000 Mustangs in attendance were down from previous years, Somernites reported that some 560 Mustangs were there to help the event celebrate its 20th anniversary. This year’s show also included a Fun Run at nearby London Dragway, plus a Super Cruise in addition to the “Mustang Alley Showcase” presented by Alton Blakley Ford and National Parts Depot.2016 ROUSH mustang orange with black center stripe

Practicing social distancing and wearing a mask, our own Eric Pasteiner of Ford Performance was also there and was able to take a long stroll along Mustang Alley to take photos of his favorite rides that he saw on display. Eric shares his selections with us below, and says all Mustang fans should also include this Mustang Alley on their must-see list:Yellow 1970s mercury cougarBlack foxbody mustang parked on the streetRed Ford at somernites cruisewhite and silver S197 mustang with hood openMain street of Somernites cruise mustang alley1971 mustang in light blue parked on the street1970 Mach 1 in blue in parking lotOrange 1966 mustang with hood openFamily posed in front of their 2007 Shelby GT500 Mustang2004 Mustang GT drag race prepped with large air scoophistoric ford Model T BlackShelby Cobra Black side photoLight Blue ford truck in parking lot1960's ford bronco green with tan accentsSilver GT500 mustang 2007Patina'd Ford truck parked along curbWhite and Orange Ford Maverick with hood poppedmain strip of mustang alley show


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