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JUL 3, 2024 | By Matt Stone

Friends Of Steve McQueen Car Show Is Bigger Than Ever After 17 Years

Mustangs lined up at Car Show

CHINO HILLS, CA – We don’t know how they do it – while so many great automotive events struggle for attendance, participants and sponsorship of late, the McQueen Show at The Boys Republic School gets bigger every year. Some 600 vehicles of all manner and stripe filled the sprawling fields of Chino Hills, California’s Boys Republic, with more vendors, sponsors and attendees for 2024 than at any previous show. This marvelous “something for everyone” charity happening seems to feed on itself and gets bigger and better every year.Ford with flames on the front in paint

That’s the proverbial “Good Thing,” since it all goes in support of a very worthy institution: learn more at boysrepublic.org. And of course by now you know that it’s all dedicated to the school’s most famous resident student, the incomparable racing actor, and acting racer, Steve McQueen.Ford GT in red with white stripes

Now in its 17th year, Boys Republic was Steve McQueen’s home and school for about two years from 1947-49 (in fact it was where he graduated high school prior to entering the military) and a place he continued to support for the rest of his life and career. Every year the show is dedicated to one of McQueen’s famous films – this year that choice was The Great Escape (1963).  Which meant a lot of vintage motorcycles on hand, not to mention plenty of Mustangs (particularly factory Ford Bullitt edition examples, plus a number of well-done 1968 Bullitt tribute clones), plus Porsches, trucks and a wide variety of mostly Ford hot rods. The school’s highly capable wood and metal shops handcraft the highly coveted winners’ trophies out of well-scrounged car and motorcycle engine parts.Black fords at show

Given this year’s dedicate film, there was a recreation of Escape’s famous motorcycle chase and jump scenes, not to mention munitions (like machine guns and a turret gun-firing tank) demonstrations – very exciting, and besides all the great vehicles, a crowd pleaser for sure. Plus, attendees are welcome to enjoy a tram tour of the sprawling, countryfied Boys Republic school property, including farm and animal fields, and culinary program kitchens.White ford fairlane at show

Among the hardware on the field drawing the most attention was the just-minted prototype McQueen Racing edition F-150. Developed in partnership between McQueen Racing, primary builder partner Steeda, and a veritable host of contributing vendors, this truck boasts great graphics and colors, plus tons of attitude. Steve McQueen’s grandkids, Chase and Madison, were on hand to show it off. You can spec out and build your own McQueen machine at Steeda Performance Vehicles (steedavehicles.com)Ford F-150 Steve McQueen edition

If your travel plans take you anywhere near Southern California next June, make sure to check out this great event (including welcome parties, a gala fundraising dinner, pre-event rally and charity auction with lots of automobilia and McQueeniana to keep you engaged). You can stay tuned at stevemcqueencarshow.com.Ford Mustang first gen in greenBlue ford Mustang convertibleMustangs at showGulf Ford GT at showS197 mustang in orange with black stripesOrange 1930s fordRed Ford thunderbird convertibleRed Ford ConvertibleRear end of pantera with rear hatch propped