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APR 12, 2018 | Ford Performance Video

Putting the Coyote Power Module to the Driving Test


DEARBORN - Outside of most ’30s era Fords, few hot rods draw as many smiles as a Ford ‘Woodie’ wagon, as we explained recently after the National Woodie Club (NWC) held its first nationwide Woodie Meet this past fall in Dearborn. That’s why we think you’ll find this video on swapping a modern 5.0 Coyote into a 1941 Ford Woodie Wagon so cool.

The complete powertrain solution to re-power this 1941 Woodie with 2017 technology was the Coyote Power Module. Once the basic accommodations were made to fit the new Ford Performance Mustang GT-based 5.0L into the 1941 chassis, Foss made the video to show the surprising results. As you might imagine, the modern 435-horse 5.0-liter Ford Coyote V-8 made an amazing difference in both the power and drivability of the Woodie wagon. Together with its 6R80 six-speed automatic transmission, engine controller and wiring harness, Foss says the refinement gained by the package was well worth the investment. Tim now drives the Woodie frequently, and raises eyebrows every time he raises the hood.

Here's our final episode of the series with the drivability of Coyote Power Module. Don't forget to also check out episode one and episode two in our series as well.