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MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. – The Pee Dee Street Rodders offered something for everyone at their 29th annual “Run to the Sun” classic car show in Myrtle Beach, SC. As a South Carolina, resident I'd heard of this event for years but timing never seemed to work out for me until this year. Now I know that this show is one that certainly warrants rearranging your schedule!

Team Mustang Girls arrived in Myrtle Beach around noon on the Friday of this three-day event and proceeded to make our way into the show. I assumed like most car shows that Friday was just an opening warm-up and the big day was likely Saturday. Well, I was wrong. This show ran Thursday, Friday and Saturday (March 16-17-18, 2017) and I found out quickly that Friday was a big show day as I negotiated around the massive crowd while looking for a parking spot. Suddenly I heard an engine fire up and scored a spot from someone making a move. 

After I started to walk around to look at the cars, I soon realized it was going to be a long day – it took me about 30 minutes just to get down the first aisle! The show features “open parking” so you never knew what was going to pop up next in the row. You can expect to see every year, make and model you could imagine, and in just about every condition you could imagine.

As much as I love seeing gorgeous, expertly finished cars, there's something wonderful that you experience when you look at an old junker that someone brings to the show as a “work in progress.” Instead of seeing someone else's vision of what it should look like when it is done, you get to imagine your own version of how that old automobile could look when finished. And let me apologize now if there seems to be far too many station wagon pictures in the photo gallery that Team Mustang Girls has provided from this event, because right now I have visions of one landing in my driveway. (Luckily I found plenty to keep me busy and I was taking notes!)

After the show it was time to head over to the “Rats at The Beaver Bar” in Murrells Inlet, SC. There, the 6th Annual Meet Up was open to any period-correct, pre-70 “Rat Rod.” Walking into that parking lot made you feel like you traveled back in time. Some people even dressed the part to match the era of their car, so I promise next year a lot more effort will be going into my outfit! (Before this, I never thought I'd have to think about what to wear to a car show!)

The next day I made sure to get to the gate by 9 a.m. and the show was already in full swing for its big Saturday finale at the old Myrtle Square Mall along Kings Highway. I managed to find a parking spot just before a moment of silence was called for over the PA, followed by the singing of the National Anthem by a member of the Pee Dee Street Rodders.

After a few more announcements I was able to catch up with David Rodgers of the Pee Dee Street Rodders to find out a little bit more about Run to the Sun, which is one of the largest weekend-long classic car shows in the Southeast.

“Well, 29 years ago a group of friends decided to start a show at the Myrtle Square Mall,” Rodgers said. “The first year we had 84 cars and donated $500 to the Make a Wish Foundation. Since then we have raised over $1,529,000 for local charities and had over 3,000 cars in attendance last year. It's still pretty much the same group we started with – there are less than 30 club members. Everyone always asks, ‘How we do it (organize a show this size)?’ and I just tell them that everybody in the club has a job to do and we all know what we have to do to get it done."

Knowing the grassroots origins to this wonderfully diverse show and how much the organizers have given to charity over all these years only made me appreciate the event all the more. They definitely keep it all about the cars – which is nice change of pace after attending a few vendor-heavy shows in a row. Although the world-class beach is always a big draw for anything that happens in Myrtle Beach, it's always good to see the focus on cars at a car show here! You can bet that I will be adding this show to my not-to-be-missed list, and that Team Mustang Girls is already looking forward to the 30th Run to The Sun show in Myrtle Beach March 15-17, 2018!


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