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OCT 27, 2021 | Ford Performance Staff


Mustang Mach-E

CONCORD, N.C. – Battery-electric powered drifting and  performance driving excitement meets action tourism as Vaughn Gittin Jr. pushes the  boundaries of electric vehicles with the Ford Mustang Mach-E 1400—to one of Earth’s most  geographically exciting and remote places—to launch his newest film, Free Rein: Faroe Islands.  

Free Rein: Faroe Islands has Gittin Jr. traveling by air, sea, and land to get to the Faroe Islands where there were no limitations to what Gittin Jr. could dream up. His partner in fun, the 1,400- horsepower battery-electric Mach-E 1400 as his guide, Vaughn visited a variety of breathtaking  sites—including one of the world’s only subsea roundabout—experiencing the local Faroese  traditions, and of course, taking car control to 11 by drifting the extremely tight and technical  roads of this wild landscape. 

“I am so fortunate that we [Ford and RTR] have been able to push  the boundaries of electric vehicles and do something so new that has never been done before,”  said Gittin Jr. He continued, “Pioneering electric-battery power in the Ford Mustang Mach-E  1400 has been a dream for me, and it is our collective hope that all the learnings and fun that  has been experienced will have a trickle-down effect in future road cars that consumers  purchase. I am very excited about these future technologies and all which battery electric  power has to offer!” 

While 1,400 horsepower produces a mechanical symphony of electric motors and straight cut  gears spinning, the custom designed sound-experience that projects—via high powered  exterior speakers—in conjunction with Grammy Award winning artist T-Pain allows the viewer  to fully immerse themselves in what the future of electric vehicles could be. 

No one-trick-pony, this film showcases Gittin Jr. mixing intense driving action with levity as his  personality, and the Faroe Islands’ attributes, shine through in this film. The gift Vaughn  receives from the Faroese people is fable come to life as the magical sweater allows him to  traverse the truly mystical islands, complete with sheer cliffs rising from the sea and a  ruggedness embedded in its culture. The Faroe Islands are one of the last bastions of  remoteness on planet Earth, with breathtaking terrain and incredible roads, perfect for a world  champion drifter to explore the Fun-Haver side of tourism. With a total of five traffic lights and  a higher population of sheep than people, the isolation offered vast expanses of scenery and 

opportunities to interact with the local Faroese people, and even the “metal” sheep and  puffins. 

The Mach-E 1400 Built by Gittin’s RTR Vehicles thru a collaborative effort with Ford  Performance is an extremely diverse game changing all-electric Mustang that can switch from  front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive (which is the drive mode it was in for Faroe) to all-wheel  drive for drift, road racing, gymkhana and everything in between, all while holding four  occupants inside. The Ford Mustang Mach-E 1400 will be housed at the RTR display at Ford Out  Front during the 2021 SEMA show in Las Vegas. 

“Performance driving in a BEV [Battery Electric Vehicle] is an exhilarating experience I never  knew I needed,” said Gittin Jr. “Every time I get behind wheel the of the Mustang Mach-E 1400 I  am smiling ear to ear from the entire experience. It’s an entirely new and different experience  from my other Mustangs that I love being behind the wheel of! Harnessing the power of this  beast has taken some seat time as the instant power is truly something incredible, you can see  some of the intensity in my eyes, especially on the Funningur road drift section. That was nuts!” 

Free Rein: Faroe Islands, is a campaign of breathtaking content with the main film being  presented by Ford Performance, and subsequent videos presented by Monster Energy, TYPE S,  Nitto Tire, Forza Horizon 5 and Omaze.  

The Monster Energy action edit will be live on Monster’s YouTube on November 1, 2021  followed by a TYPE S behind-the-scenes video in late November. 

Along with presenting the video campaign, Gittin Jr. teamed up with NASCAR Champion, Joey  Logano and the Joey Logano Foundation, and Omaze to giveaway a new Ford Mustang Mach-E  GT Performance Edition with RTR Vehicles’ personal touches. Donations support the Joey  Logano Charitable Foundation through grants from CAF America. Enter here. 


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