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SEP 2, 2020 | Ford Performance Staff


Mustang GT350 Underhood engine

DEARBORN - Performance enthusiasts want their rides to stand out at shows, meets and cruises – and the first thing they do when they park? Pop the hood (of course). When the bonnet is opened, the power in evidence is best when well dressed . . . and manual prop rods (clumsy) and mold-in-color black engine caps (if you can see them) just don’t do justice at “show and tell” time. When it’s time to raise the curtain to an anticipating audience, Ford Performance Parts’ Mustang Hood Lift Kit (M-16826-MA) takes care of the elevation. With it, all one does is start to lift and the system takes over with the assist of 90-pound rated struts that raise the hood with grace and hold it firmly in place (wind be damned). For under-hood eye candy, the Blue Oval’s performance parts team offers the Mustang Billet Engine Cap Set (M-6766-M50A). It consists of five caps, all constructed of precision-machined billet aluminum finished with a clear anodized coat (they shimmer). All are also laser-etched with the Ford Performance logo (authenticity counts).

And to top it all off, there’s the Mustang GT350R Strut Tower Brace Kit (M-20201-GT350). This not only looks the part (it’s finished in silver powder coating with emblem plate), but also decreases suspension flex in heavy torque situations. It was originally applied on Shelby® GT350R Mustangs. Let showtime begin . . .

Engine bay appearance resonates at car shows, meetings, cruises and anywhere else performance enthusiasts collect, decipher, interpret and converse.

Ford Performance Parts’ Mustang GT350R Strut Tower Brace Kit constructed of high-strength, lightweight tubular aluminum. It improves handling, limits suspension flex, and stands out at presentation.

The Mustang Hood Lift Kit (M-16826-MA) fits all 2015-2020 GT and EcoBoost models. The kit’s 90-lb.-rated struts are laser-engraved; constructed of lightweight steel/aluminum; and carry a black powdercoated finish.

Each cover in the Mustang Billet Engine Cap Set is designed to push in place over the existing engine cap. They are held in place with OE-rated, double-sided adhesive tape. The set carries caps for engine oil; brake reservoir; radiator overflow; windshield washer reservoir; and supercharger intercooler reservoir.

For any Mustang owner who loves racing, high-power performance or American innovation, this white “Ford Performance” banner demonstrates affinity. Offered by Ford Performance Parts (M-1820-MB), it is the same premium banner as used on Ford Performance marketing vehicles.