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NOV 6, 2019 | Ford Performance Staff

Fords Flood the Floor at SEMA

A Ford GT on display


LAS VEGAS, Nev. – Ford treated fans to an exciting lineup of Blue Ovals at the 2019 SEMA Show, and a display of epic horsepower at Ford Out Front. Here are some of our photos from this year’s show.

An overview of the people admiring the vehicles that are on display

A white Ford Mustang on display

Ford vehicles on display with people admiring them

A rear side view of a grey and blue Mustang on display

A Ford Performance GT on display

Two men on a stage speaking about a classic blue Bronco

A front side view of a classic blue Bronco

A yellow Ford truck on display

A group of Ford trucks on display with people admiring them

People admiring the vehicles on display at the SEMA Show

A Ford truck with camping equipment attached to the roof and side

A racecar kicking up dust as it zooms down the road

A front end view of a red and white Ford truck

A black Ford truck gliding through the air

A blue Ford Raptor truck with Raptor Assault on the side

A Ford Mustang kicking up smoke while drifting

Someone in a Ford Mustang doing a burn out

Two Ford Mustang racecars

A Ford truck gliding through the air

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