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MAY 7, 2020 | Ford Performance Staff Report

Victory 7 Club Gets TV Mention In VA for National Mustang Day

Victory 7 Mustang Club sign in front of various Mustangs lined up on display

RICHMOND, Va. – The “Quick Look” section on FordPerformance.com has been the place for enthusiasts to get an insider’s glimpse at the wide variety of Ford car shows and Ford car places all over the country. But we’re shifting gears a bit now to give you a “quick look” at what some of our Ford clubs are doing while their events are on hold due to the global pandemic.

Ever since the Mustang turned 50 and the idea of owners and fans getting out to mark the anniversary date of the Mustang’s introduction back on April 17, 1964, took hold, National Mustang Day (NMD) has grown into a global phenomenon. National Mustang Day was originally introduced as a fundraiser for the Mustang Owners Museum in suburban Charlotte, North Carolina, so as you might expect, the Museum had several activities planned to mark the occasion this past April 17 -- as did some 100 other Mustang clubs across the nation and all over the world. But COVID-19 forced most clubs this year to cancel NMD events, which mostly had to do with owners getting out and driving their Mustangs or gathering to show them off.

While many other clubs had turned to virtual celebrations for National Mustang Day 2020 either online or via social media, the Victory 7 Mustang Club based in Richmond, Virginia, wanted to get a bit more exposure for its annual NMD celebration. So this year it decided to send info and some photos of its National Mustang Day activities on Friday, April 17, 2020, to a local television station to see if the Victory 7 and the Ford Mustang could get some TV air time.

You guessed it; that following Monday, the Victory 7 Mustang Club and National Mustang Day earned a mention on Richmond’s local CBS affiliate station, WTVR-6. The spot in the station’s “Virginia This Morning” show not only recognized Mustang’s April 17 birthday, but also showed photos of the Victory 7 Mustang Club in action. Victory 7 was founded in 1985 by Thomas J. Victory and his family. Thomas told us his oldest Mustang is 52 years old. ”I bought it in Fredericksburg when I was in college,” he said.

If there’s one thing certain about Thomas Victory, it’s that he’s been a tireless promoter for both his club and the Ford Mustang. (You might recall our coverage of Victory 7’s role and impact at the Richmond Auto Show this past February.) “We were also part of the 100-city unveiling of the 1994 Mustang,” Victory noted about his club, “and we have appeared in more than 70 magazines.” With this kind of pony car passion, we think both Victory 7 and the Mustang are truly worth celebrating!


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