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JUL 20, 2016 | From Mustang 360

The Very First Ford Mustang Ever Built

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When Ford took aim at the younger sports car buyer in the early 1960s, they did it with Mustang 1, a fully functional, hand-built prototype designed by Roy Lunn and crafted by Troutman-Barnes in Culver City, California. The engine was a rear-mounted 60-degree V-4 with four-speed transaxle taken from the FWD Taunus, a Ford of Europe product. The compact 1,498cc engine and transaxle were mounted behind the driver and produced a whopping (!) 89 hp at 6,600 rpm, and was good for 0-60 times of 11.1 seconds and quarter-mile ETs of 17.4 at 76 mph. Yeah, not blazing fast, but remember this was 1962.

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