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JUN 25, 2020 | From Ford Performance Staff Reports

Liquid Wraps Turn Jason Brozak's '15 Mustang GT Into Show-Stopper

2015 Mustang with Gulf paint scheme

Although we initially heard from Jason Brozak from Omaha, Nebraska, when we were soliciting entries for our first-ever “Ford Performance Virtual Car Show,” we couldn’t help but to also consider him and his car for our Ford Fan Spotlight. Once you read his email to us below, you’ll see why we like his unique automotive talent as well as his unique Mustang:Profile of black orange and blue Mustang parked outside building“Hello, Ford Performance! My name is Jason Brozak. I’m 42 years old, and this is my 2015 Mustang GT PP. I worked for a Ford dealership and I ordered this car on November 11, 2014, and it showed up on the transport on December 31st of 2014. I have a small custom liquid wrap shop called ‘Just The Dipz’ in Omaha, Nebraska, where I specialize in custom-weathered liveries.

Profile of red silver and blue painted Mustang parked outside building

“I’ve attached pictures of my Mustang in its original Ingot Silver exterior paint as well as a couple of my favorite wrap themes, the of which last being the current one that I have on the car. The Mustang now has 84k miles on it and has been out to Las Vegas and Long Beach, California, three different times, as well as to Miami twice, plus to Charlotte, Myrtle Beach, Fort Worth and Minneapolis, just to name a few places I’ve shown it.

Profile of silver Mustang parked outside building

“My moderate mods include: cold air intake; Sportline springs; race cat-back exhaust XT206R staggered wheels; Outlaw grille; Muscle Car hood vents and a custom tune. Other mods are just the visual artwork that changes on the outside. I have won several ‘Dip Of The Month’ contests and four ‘Dip Of The Year’ titles. Thanks for your consideration; here are the photos of the car!”

Profile of blue Mustang inside building
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