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JAN 18, 2024 | From Ford Performance Staff Reports

Frank Vorderbruggen Couldn’t Snag A Boss 9, So He Created A ‘1969-1/2 Mustang Cobra 429 SCJ’

Orange 1969 Ford Mustang

As much as we’d like to wish that it’s true, not all Mustang lovers get the chance to finally acquire and drive their dream car. But after a glorious 60 years of model history, the Ford Mustang offers owners and fans a lot of choices to serve as their “favorites” – as well as a canvas to make their dream Mustang one that Ford had never produced in the factory. That’s precisely the case with Frank Vorderbruggen of Minnesota. Frank’s dream Mustang had long been a Boss 9 – but he doubted that even if he had one, he’d feel safe driving it a lot because if its rarity. So he got together with his son to build a beastly substitute – albeit now with 557 cubic inches of big-block Ford under the hood. Here’s the cool explanation he sent us:

“Hello Ford Performance! My name is Frank Vorderbruggen. I’d like to share with you my Ford story – well, at least one of them.Rear end photo of Mustang

“My first vehicle purchase was a used 1963 F-100 for $600. When I bought my first new vehicle, I sold the F-100 and bought the somewhat redesigned F-150 in November 1977 --which I still own and drive sparingly. I had an opportunity to purchase this 1970 Mustang Sportsroof as a basket case project for $200 back in 1980 and had always dreamt of owning a Boss 429. But I knew even then that even if I owned one, I would be reluctant to drive such a rare piece of automotive history.Boss mustang covered in dirt outside

“So . . . I built the car that Ford never did -- but should have. I call it a 69-and-a-half Mustang Cobra 429 SCJ (now a 557). Big power, yes, but plausibly authentic with factory tach and all the bits and pieces to make it look right -- including the original Boss color. I built it as project with my son, who is now 21 and a little dismayed by this car as it is a beast to drive! Regards, and thanks for letting me share my Mustang story.”


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