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MAY 19, 2024 | Ford Performance Staff


Cam Waters Mustang on track

PERTH, Western Australia, – Twin wins and a pair of pole positions in Perth signalled the most successful weekend for the Ford Mustang GT since the start of the latest generation of Supercars racing.

Ford fighters set the pace throughout the fourth leg of the 2024 championship series and Mustangs filled seven of the Top 10 placings in both 55-lap contests.

Chaz Mostert and Cam Waters each took a pole position and a win for their teams, Walkinshaw Andretti United and Tickford Racing, although Mostert cost himself a sweep of the weekend with a pitstop error that resulted in a five-second time penalty in the Sunday stoush.

Racy rookie Ryan Wood from WAU was also in the mix for a podium place, finishing fourth on Saturday, and veteran Will Davison managed fourth for the Fords on Sunday afternoon, followed by Thomas Randle rounding out the first five finishers.

”Thanks to all the Ford fans for sticking with us. The car was mega,” Mostert said after his breakthrough win on Saturday afternoon.

“I’ve wanted this one for quite some time. It’s the first win with Ford for the WAU team too.

“Supercars is so cut-throat. Gen3 wasn't that kind to us last year. But this year, from the first round at Bathurst, we've had something else to race with.”

Waters, too, was happy to be celebrating.

“Heaps of relief. It’s been a very tough year for us,” he said.

“This year has been tough and now we’re on the march.”

The 2024 Supercars championship continues at Hidden Valley in Darwin from June 14-16.

Top Ford Race Results

Race 1:

Chaz Mostert - 1st

Cam Waters - 3rd

Ryan Wood - 4th

James Courtney - 6th

Matt Payne – 8th

Race 2:

Cam Waters - 1st

Chaz Mostert - 2nd

Will Davison - 4th

Thomas Randle - 5th

Anton de Pasquale - 6th

Team Owner/Principal Quotes

Rod Nash, Tickford Racing

  • “Awesome. A race win is a race win. And we were solid all weekend.”
  • “It was a typical Cam Waters weekend. He had the pace all through the weekend. We wanted to just come to Perth and play it simple.”
  • “Thomas Randle still had a good weekend with a good bag of points. And his qualifying is right up there.”
  • “I think we’ve turned the corner now with the Mustang. With all the changes we’ve just had to keep learning.”
  • “We’d still like to fly under the radar, and we feel the monkey is off our backs, but we won’t get too cheeky too soon.”
  • “At Darwin we’ll do the same as Perth, be rock-solid in both qualifying and the race, and then see where we are in the championship.”

Carl Faux, Walkinshaw Andretti United

  • “To be on the podium both days, and cross the line first on both days, was pretty special.”
  • “The front-row lock-out on Saturday, with Chaz on pole and Ryan alongside him, was very special. Taking the first Ford win of the year was also great.”
  • “We obviously picked a time to go testing and maximised the learnings from that and rolled out strong.”
  • “We’re seeing Woody really come of age now and it’s great that everyone can see the racer in him that we’ve always known was there.”
  • “We’re looking forward to going to Darwin and the next couple of races. We’re in a good place.”

David Noble, Dick Johnson Racing

  • “I think we’ve found a level of consistency, which is what we’ve been chasing. We got a bank of good points for us over the weekend.”
  • “We got better at qualifying as we worked through Saturday and Sunday, then repeated the good race pace we had in Taupo.”
  • “We’re really starting to understand the car, finding some good speed. There is a level of consistency and the drivers are happier with the car.”

Tim Blanchard, Blanchard Racing

  • “It’s been a tough start to the year but this was a positive weekend. We want more but there is lots of good stuff to take away from Perth.”
  • “James Courtney did really good job on Saturday with a solid result, but was on the wrong side in qualifying on Sunday. Even so, not many people raced forward seven positions.”
  • “Aaron Love is still finding his feet but there were lots of positives and he had a solid qualifying and raced well.”
  • “We’re a new team and still getting everything in order, but this weekend we got back to a track where we had knowledge from last year and hopefully Darwin and Townsville will be the same from here.”

Stephen Grove, Grove Racing

  • “It was a poor weekend for Grove Racing. We need to continue to work harder to unlock the speed in the Mustang.”
  • “The track just didn’t suit our set-up this time and we look forward to the next round in Darwin.”
  • “Our qualifying pace was a problem over the weekend, and you need to qualifying at the front to get any sort of result. The car had good race pace but that’s no good if you’re starting towards the back.”

Ford Driver Championship Standings

3. Chaz Mostert, 906 points

4. Cam Waters, 700

5. Matt Payne, 690

7. Will Davison, 645

8. Anton De Pasquale, 622

9. Richie Stanaway, 622

10. Thomas Randle, 622

16. Ryan Wood, 526

17. James Courtney, 494

23. Aaron Love, 349