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JUL 1, 2024 | Motorcraft/Quick Lane Press Release

Bob Tasca III Claims Second Wally of 2024 Season in Norwalk

Tasca on top of Mustang with trophy

Norwalk, OH. – Sometimes you have to go slow to go fast - very fast. At least, this was part of the strategy employed by the team behind the Tasca Funny Car that pushed them from a frustrating front half of the season to two consecutive final rounds and the winner’s circle Sunday afternoon in Norwalk. 

“We took all the go-fast stuff off and put all the go-slow stuff on,” said Tasca about the call made by crew chiefs Todd Okuhara and Aaron Brooks. “We just [had to] get back to going down the racetrack.” While Tasca did come out victorious at the Las Vegas Four-Wide Nationals earlier this year, much of the 2024 season so far had been marked by early competition exits and aborted runs. This adjustment of strategy after the Thunder Valley Nationals in Bristol, Tenn. resulted in immediate impact. 

Tasca qualified fourth in Norwalk with a 3.882 at 329.50 mph and made it to the finals of the Mission Foods #2Fast2Tasty Challenge Saturday evening where he lined up against a familiar face: current points leader and Funny Car standout Austin Prock. While Tasca came up short to Prock, he entered race day with no aborted runs and a consistent race car.

Tasca erupted into round one of eliminations against Dave Richards with a statement, hitting the stripe with a low-of-race day pass of 3.857 at 336.82 mph and effectively resetting the Summit Motorsports Park Funny Car top speed record. He then faced Paul Lee in the second round, advancing with a 3.92 run. In the semifinals, third time proved to be the charm, as Tasca defeated Prock by a razor-thin margin of 8 inches, thanks to a holeshot advantage of .046 to Prock’s .049. “It was a little bit me and a whole lot of them,” said Tasca about his team after the rematch.

In the final round, Tasca faced three-time champion Ron Capps. Capps struck the tires, while Tasca’s 3.908 at 330.47-mph run secured the victory. 

The win was particularly special for the Tasca family as it coincided with son Cameron’s 18th birthday.

“Bob Tasca III and the Tasca Racing team have demonstrated incredible perseverance and determination this season and his win at Summit Motorsports Park is a well-deserved triumph. Those qualities are why we are so proud to have Bob as an ambassador. Motorcraft Quick Lane is thrilled to be part of this victory and we look forward to many more with this momentum,” remarked Fletch Carter, Ford Customer Service Division, U.S. Sales Manager.

The victory was marked by mixed emotions due to the accident involving legendary racer John Force at the PlayNHRA Virginia Nationals a week prior. Tasca, who has frequently credited Force with inspiring his style of racing, dedicated his win to him.

“When I read the news about John Force this morning, that he’s getting better, it was like a weight lifted off all our shoulders,” Tasca said at the top end after his victory. “I’m gonna tell you what John Force told me every race of my career: ‘Tasca, be safe out there and get home to your kids.’ John, if you’re listening, get better and get home to your kids. They need you and we need you.”

Motorcraft Quick Lane and Ford Performance extend their best wishes to John Force and his family, hoping for a quick and full recovery.

With this win, Tasca strengthened his position in the NHRA standings to second behind Prock, setting the stage for an exciting remainder of the season in Funny Car. “The best is yet to come,” said Tasca. “I like our chances. I wouldn’t bet against us.”

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Next on the schedule is the NHRA Northwest Nationals set for July 19-21 in Seattle, WA.