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MAR 23, 2024 | By Mark Rushbrook, Director of Ford Performance Motorsports

Twice as Nice: Mustang Super Cobra Jet 1800 Sets Another World Record

Mustang Super Cobra Jet 1800 with front wheels in the air at Pomona Drag Strip

POMONA, Calif., Mar. 23, 2024 One of our goals with Ford Performance Electric Vehicle Demonstrators is to redefine what’s possible in racing with electric powertrains. With the Cobra Jet EV demonstrator, we’ve now done that twice.

The electric car today broke the world record for the fastest quarter-mile pass with a full bodied-drag car with a blistering time of 7.759 seconds at 180.14 miles per hour at the National Hot Rod Association Winter Nationals.

It’s the second time the Cobra Jet EV Demonstrator has made history with NHRA, following its original record of 8.128 seconds at 171.97 miles per hour set back in 2021.

Achieving such a feat wasn't just a matter of pushing a button. It was the culmination of tireless innovation, from slashing the battery system's weight by over 40% to fine-tuning the suspension geometry to perfection. As Pat McCue puts it, the Super Cobra Jet 1800 stands as a testament to the untapped potential of EVs in motorsport.

Seeing an all-electric Mustang tear down the NHRA strip in under eight seconds was nothing short of awe-inspiring. It's a clear signal that Ford is not just participating in the electric revolution – we're leading it, bringing our electric vehicle technology to the pinnacle of competitive racing. Every lesson we learn on the track is a step towards enhancing the performance of our EVs for customers, especially in Ford’s advancements in hybrid technology.

The Super Cobra Jet 1800's journey from concept to record-breaker involved significant upgrades over the previous 1400-horsepower version. Among these were a custom control strategy and a cutting-edge lightweight battery system, born from the collaboration between Ford Performance and MLe Racecars. This beast of a machine runs on a powerhouse setup featuring four PN250DZR inverters and two double-stacked DS-250-115 motor pairings, all optimized for unprecedented launches and performance.

The transformation didn't stop at the hardware. The dedication to innovation extended to a "blank page" redesign of the battery system, achieving a staggering 30 percent power increase. This leap forward wasn't just about setting records; it was about reimagining the potential of electric power in motorsports.

As we celebrate this historic achievement, it's clear that the journey of the Mustang Super Cobra Jet 1800 is far from over. The road ahead for Ford EVs in motorsports is as exciting as it is promising. With each record we break and every barrier we push past, we're not just racing for the thrill of competition – we're racing towards a future where the roar of an engine can be as silent as it is powerful.