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OCT 14, 2020 | Capaldi Racing Press Release

Capaldi Pelech Drag Racing Mustang Debuts

Front profile of red Mustang in parking lot

CHESTERFIELD, Mich. - The recent Cobra Jet Showdown at the NMCA All-American Nationals marked the debut of a brand new collaborative effort between Ford Performance Parts stalwart Capaldi Racing and long time drag racers Pelech Bros. Racing.  The group has just finished construction of a S197 Mustang drag car destined to be campaigned in a mix of NHRA and NMCA events. 

Built entirely from scratch using a S197 Mustang Body-In-White as the foundation, the race car is stuffed full of Ford Performance Parts from the Capaldi Racing inventory.  Leo Capaldi of Capaldi Racing explained the genesis of the build, “Drag racing has always been an avenue we have wanted to explore to diversify the parts and services we offer at Capaldi Racing.  The Pelech boys have campaigned fast and beautifully well-built race cars for years.  This made it an easy decision to get involved with them.  This new race car is a stunner and I am proud to have our name on it.  If that Mustang runs as good as it looks, it will certainly be fast!”

The target for the weekend was simple; make a 1/4 mile pass in the 9.5 second range.  Even though the team struggled to find consistency on the hot & slick racing surface, they quickly exceeded the initial goal, ultimately collecting a 9.32 second 145mph time slip for their effort.  After a couple early on-track runs, Tim Pelech shared his thoughts, “Our Mustang is so easy to drive, even at 140+ miles per hour.  I’ll admit I was a little nervous stomping the throttle of a brand new racecar because you can never be certain of what they will do at first.  But this car went laser straight right off the trailer, proving how good the Capaldi Racing baseline chassis set-up is.”

Now back at the shop and looking forward, the Capaldi/Pelech team currently has their heads down and hands dirty as they work on a new engine & chassis tuning strategy that will push their Mustang into the 8 second zone.  “With the incredible amount of power in this supercharged Ford Coyote engine and the proven capability of the Mustang chassis, we are anxiously excited to see what the future holds for our Mustang,” Ted Pelech enthusiastically stated.  

Rear profile of red Mustang on the track 

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