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NOV 12, 2018 | Ford Performance Staff

Ford Performance Parts Upgrades For Your Ford Raptor


DEARBORN - Since its debut a decade ago, the Raptor designation has been pushing the performance of Ford’s F-150 platform to its off-road limits. Thanks to the Ford Performance Parts team, some of those limits have been extended further still in the aftermarket.

For those looking to get the most out of their Ford Raptor, the experts at Ford Performance Parts have a few suggestions on which products you should check out:

Where The Rubber Meets The Off-Road

One of the most important parts of a vehicle are its tires, but a tire is only effective when it’s properly mounted and inflated. In extreme off-road situations, the standard limits of “proper” are thrown out the window. To maximize grip over difficult terrain, tires are often called upon to operate at very low inflation pressures. Standard tire mounting can result in tires slipping on the bead or experiencing seal failures, allowing tires to deflate fully.  Bead-locks prevent that by physically locking the outer bead of the tire to the rim of the wheel.

Ford Performance Parts’ bead-lock wheels and kits are an essential addition to the extreme off-roading enthusiast. For those who simply want a different look to their stock, beadlock-capable wheel decorative trim kits are also available individually or in sets of four:

Get Out Of A Sticky Situation

Getting your vehicle stuck in mud, sand, or snow can happen to anyone. Keep your Raptor prepared to get out of a sticky situation with the Ford Performance by WARN® Industries Recovery Kit.

Who Wants A Belly Rub?

Many modern vehicles feature some form of protection on the underside of the body to protect against minor road debris. When leaving a paved surface or well-maintained dirt roads behind, though, additional protection is needed.

Heading off-road can see small pebbles replaced with boulders, snow drifts replaced with ice packs, tree branches replaced with logs.

  • M-5018: 2010 – 2018 Raptor Enhanced Skid Plate Kits

Picking up an enhanced skid plate ensures that your Raptor’s underside will remain safe no matter what terrain you decide to traverse.

Step Up To The Challenge

The Ford Raptor is not a small vehicle, and it sits nearly as high as its performance capability. A pair of specialized steps can not only help with vehicle entry, but also can add that extra aesthetic touch to your truck.

  • M-16450: 2017 – 2018 Raptor Side Steps

Available for both SuperCrew and SuperCab models, Ford Performance offers two side step variants:

  • Rock Slider – Tough, American steel steps designed to protect your truck from an abusive off-road environment while increasing convenience.
  • Race – Sleek and lightweight, these steps tuck up close to your Raptor’s body while also increasing ease of access and offering extra body protection

These side steps also offer white LED lighting under the step for nighttime practicality.

Chase Racks

If you’re looking to maintain your Raptor’s street capability while also transforming it into the ultimate off-roading machine, you’re going to want to pick up one of the Ford Performance Parts Chase Rack options.

  • M-19007: 2017 – 2018 Raptor Chase Racks

These racks offer incredible upgrades in both style and function, capable of securing everything you’ll need for the upcoming adventure and even offering mounting for additional off-road lighting, all while letting the world know that your truck means business.

Turn It Up To 11

The Raptor is an extremely capable vehicle with a strong visual presence. Want a bark to rival the bite? The Ford Performance Parts team has you covered.

With several “Sport” and “Touring” options available, there’s plenty of options available to give your truck the extra tough sound you’re looking for. For those with 133-inch wheelbase trucks, our exhaust mid-pipe will ensure proper fitment of your chosen pipes.

The experts at the Ford Performance Tech Line are ready and able to help you find the perfect upgrades for your Ford Raptor, as well as any questions you may have along the way. You already have your dream truck in your hands, now is the time to make your own special creation out of it.