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DEC 12, 2018 | Ford Performance Video

Formula DRIFT Champion Vaughn Gittin Jr. Welcomes NASCAR Champion Joey Logano to the Mustang Family

Logano is pictured drifting in his new colorful Number 22 Ford Mustang alongside with Gittin Jr. at Charlotte Motor Speedway

DEARBORN - 2018 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Champion Joey Logano was welcomed to the Mustang family in style! In the first running footage of the 2019 Ford NASCAR Mustang, Logano was joined by Formula DRIFT Champion Vaughn Gittin Jr. for some drifting and tire-smoking fun.

Three colorful Ford Mustangs are pictured at the new Roval infield of Charlotte Motor Speedway

“Drifting door-to-door in the new Roval infield at Charlotte Motor Speedway with Joey behind wheel of the new 2019 NASCAR Mustang was a wild and fun experience”, said Vaughn Gittin Jr,. He continued, “I have never seen a driver from another [racing] discipline take to drifting like Joey did. After a bit of instruction he was linking turns and I was comfortable to get super close. A true Fun-Haver at heart, Joey’s smile from ear-to-ear said it all for me! He was bit by the drift bug and I look forward to some more fun with the champ in the future!”

Both Gittin Jr. and Logano are drifting side-by-side in their respective Mustangs, followed by a trail of smoke at the Roval track

"I had an incredible time drifting the 2019 NASCAR Mustang with Vaughn Gittin Jr.  The Ford Mustang is the best-selling sports coupe in the world, and I'm so excited to get to race it in the Cup series next year," said Joey Logano, 2018 Monster Energy NASCAR Champion.  He continued, "This was a really fun way to be welcomed into the Mustang family. I'm looking forward to doing more Mustang burnouts and donuts on the way to victory lane next year!"

Logano is pictured speeding through the Roval infield at Charlotte Motor Speedway

Gittin Jr. shows off his drifting skills inside in his Mustang as a trail of heavy smoke follows

Both Logano and Gittin Jr. are pictured drifting on a curve at the Roval track

Both Logano and Gittin Jr. are pictured speeding through the track in style

A close-up view of Logano's Number 22 Ford Mustang from the rear side