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JUL 11, 2018 | Ford Performance Staff

Kurt Busch Puts Ford GT Front and Center at Gold Rush Rally

Parked in an lot structure, Busch's Number 41 Monster Energy Ford GT Mustang sports a bright green and black livery

DEARBORN - You may find people who drive their Ford GT more than Kurt Busch, but there’s nobody who is enjoying it more than the NASCAR star who pilots the No. 41 Monster Energy/Haas Automation Ford Fusion on a weekly basis for Stewart-Haas Racing.

Busch showcased the car for a feature on Fox Sports a couple of weeks ago and drove it from his house to Charlotte Motor Speedway in May for the Coca-Cola 600 race weekend.

“I love cars and to be able to drive a supercar built by Ford Motor Company daily, or when I get a chance during the week is a privilege.  It’s a special treat to have that car,” said Busch, who also has a 2005 Ford GT which was presented to him by Edsel Ford after winning the Cup championship in 2004.  “That 2005 Ford GT has always meant the world to me and I’ve always treated it like a trophy.  I’ve only driven it three different times and it has less than 100 miles on it, which is one of the reasons I want to drive this 2018 Ford GT as much as possible.”

His latest foray with it came in the recently concluded Gold Rush Rally, which started in the streets of Boston on June 22 and concluded in his hometown of Las Vegas on July 1.  Since the NASCAR schedule prevented him from driving the entire route, Busch formed a team of friends and celebrities, including former WWE champion Bill Goldberg and Ronnie “the Limo Driver” Mund of the Howard Stern Show, to help out.

He and his team at Kurt Busch, Inc. transformed the exterior from the factory-produced liquid gray body with orange stripes to one that mirrored his race car as a muted black wrap featured his car number along with multiple Monster and Ford logos.

In lead of other vehicles, Busch's Number 41 Monster Energy GT Mustang turns on a curve at a track

“I felt the need to show it to people and to do that by showing it across the country was a win-win for everybody,” said Busch.  “We wanted to create a sportscar look, like a car that would run in IMSA, and it also has that NASCAR style flair to it to where the logos were on it.  We enlarged a lot of the Ford logos just so people would realize it’s the Ford GT.”

Busch was able to join the rally for three days, taking a red-eye flight to Pittsburgh after finishing sixth in Sonoma.  He drove from Pittsburgh to Detroit and continued to Indianapolis and St. Louis the following day before rounding his stint out with a drive from St. Louis to Memphis.

Busch's Number 41 Monster Energy Ford GT Mustang speeds down at a track in front of other vehicles

“We nicknamed her Miss GT because she got way more attention than what anybody else could draw,” said Busch, who enjoyed showing people around when the rally stopped at the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  “It’s one of only 250 built so far and when you read about them online and then realize you can go see it in person, everybody just draws right to that car.

“We had a great time and didn’t have any problems or issues whatsoever.  It was a blast being with all of the other people who have been on the rally for years or were new this year,” continued Busch.  “They had everything from Lamborghinis to McLarens and even a new Ferrari that was out there, but there was no doubt in my mind that everybody had Ford envy on this rally.”

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