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For any Ford Performance fan, April 17 will always be a special day as the “official” birthdate of the Ford Mustang. Every five years, the Mustang Club of America commemorates that date by hosting a large MCA event. Now a move is underfoot to celebrate that date each and every year as “National Mustang Day.”

National Mustang Day is now to be the one day a year that all Mustang enthusiasts can celebrate together by taking their Mustang out on a drive. The goal of National Mustang Day is to create the largest car-community event ever, and make is grow larger each year.

How do you get involved? First, get online and go to www.nationalmustangday.com to learn all the program details. One of the goals of the website is to help connect Mustang enthusiasts with clubs and activities in their local area. If you sign up your club/activity via email, your club or activity will be added to the website and promoted by the MCA via its email newsletter, “The Mustang Express.” That email will connect the Mustang enthusiasts to the National Mustang Day with regular updates on event plans, and ideas for other clubs or enthusiasts to consider for their activity.

All clubs and activities submitted to the National Mustang Day website will receive a window decal for each enthusiast participating. You or your business can even become a sponsor of the National Mustang Day and can offer awards to clubs in recognition of their activities. Sponsor benefits include: having name listed on window decal given to all participants as well as on the website’s sponsor section; having an activity or event location named after the sponsor; gaining special promotion to Mustang enthusiasts for a sponsor’s products and/or services; plus attaining recognition as an official sponsor of National Mustang Day.

National Mustang Day was introduced to the Mustang world in October of 2015, and since then email registrations have been received from nearly 40 clubs, with over 1,000 cars already planning on participating in the National Mustang Day program.

National Mustang Day is free to all enthusiasts who would enjoy being a part of this one special day each year; it won’t take long until all car guys and gals will know that April 17th belongs to the Ford Mustang! If you’d like to participate in the world’s largest one-day Mustang event, it’s time you go the National Mustang Day website and sign up!

(For questions or more information on how you can be a part of National Mustang Day, contact Steve Hall via email at steve@downtheroadmarketing.com, or call 770-781-1001.)

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