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A group of different colored Ford Mustangs on display at The Mustang Owner's Museum

CONCORD, N.C. – Ford fans around the world again celebrated “National Mustang Day” on April 17th, the “official” birthdate of the Ford Mustang. The goal of National Mustang Day is to unite all Mustang enthusiasts by having owners around the world drive their Mustang or hold a Mustang event on that day. One such event was held at Ford World Headquarters and we were there. The weekend before the big day, the folks who are building the Mustang Owner’s Museum outside Charlotte, North Carolina, arranged their own three-day event to commemorate Mustang’s birthday down at the museum site in Concord, NC. 

On Friday the event opened with a track day at Charlotte Motor Speedway’s Roval course, where close to 100 entries enjoyed some high-speed fun around the high bank and through the infield course. A Parade Lap was offered by midday for those who wanted to drive the track at a much more leisurely pace. Back at the Mustang Owner’s Museum’s site, a Preview Center was set up in a neighboring building displayed some milestone Mustangs, and Dennis Carpenter’s Ford Museum also opened its doors, displaying an amazing collection of FoMoCo history. The day ended with an evening gathering at Cabarrus Brewing Company, located in the historic Gibson Mill complex in Concord, which featured craft brews and top-end bar food fare.

A sunny Saturday and the grassy lot across the street from the museum construction site proved perfect for a car show, where nearly 140 Mustangs gathered to celebrate Mustang’s 54th anniversary. In addition to the Preview Center and Carpenter Ford Museum, Daniel Carpenter’s Mustang collection was also open, just in case you had time between outdoor talks from the event’s VIP guests, including a presentation from Petty’s Garage and talks from Holman & Moody’s Lee Holman, retired Mustang chief engineer Art Hyde, and John Clor of Ford Performance. After the celebrity judging, an autograph session and a people’s choice awards presentation, original Mustang designer Gale Halderman shared insider stories of Mustang’s beginnings at the evening’s banquet. The event wrapped up Sunday with a cruise to Petty’s Garage and barbeque lunch, with word that the Museum’s “Grand Opening” is set for National Mustang Day 2019, just in time the Mustang’s 55th anniversary.

Our Ford Performance Enthusiast Communications Manager, John Clor, took some time to tour the show field and shoot photos of some of the outstanding Mustangs that were on display at the event. We’ve chosen our favorites to share with you in the gallery below: