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DEC 2, 2015

'The Stig' Goes Head-to-Head (Virtually) With Drift Pro In A Mustang


UK precision driver Ben Collins (Formerly ‘The Stig’ on BBC’s Top Gear) and U.S. Formula Drift Pro, Matt Powers have gone head to head, racing V8 2015 Ford Mustangs, in Castrol EDGE’s latest project -- Titanium Strong Virtual Racers.

In a world first driving challenge that fuses video games technology and real world driving skill, Virtual Racers is a head-to-head race between two global adrenaline junkies. Wearing virtual reality helmets, and driving powerful Ford Mustangs, Collins and Powers took on the Virtual Racers course with one goal -- to out-perform their rival and be crowned winner.

Describing his experience behind the wheel, Ben Collins said:

“I have taken on some extraordinary driving trials in my career, but this was certainly way up there. The hardest part was getting used to the VR world and truly letting myself go - putting my foot down and trusting my instinct over my rational brain. It’s hard when every bone in your body is telling you that what you can see isn’t real, but you know you’re still in control of a real car driving at speed.”

The 'Virtual Racers’ challenge is the most recent episode in the Castrol EDGE Titanium Trials -- a series of high-powered driving challenges that bring man, machine and oil together to push the boundaries of performance.