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NOV 9, 2023 | From Ford Performance Staff Reports

Longtime GT350H Owner Jerry Sullivan Turns 1965 Ragtop 6-Banger Into ‘Something Special’

Convertible Mustang with Fighter Jet in Background

So what do you do if you find a 1965 six-cylinder Mustang Convertible junker that you’d like to restore into something special but already have a rare 1966 Shelby GT350H that you’ve owned for the past 48 years? Well, if you are Jerry Sullivan, you simply figure out how to make that droptop something special as well. See his notes to us below about his pair of first-gen Mustangs (both wearing GT350 rocker stripes):Six cylinder Mustang convertible with shelby rocker stripes and roll bar

Hi, Ford Performance! My name is Jerry Sullivan. I’ve got a couple of Mustangs that I think would be nice to see in your Ford Fan Spotlight. I found an early 1965 Ford Mustang ragtop that was junk -- folding up in the middle -- but yet somehow had me wanting to bring it back to life. So I embarked on a two-and-a-half year journey to get it back on the road. Don’t let the roll bar or rocker stripes fool you. This car was a rare six-banger four-speed convertible with a 3:20 limited slip rear end! So I kept it that way – albeit now with its 210 cubic-inch inline six wearing a Holley 2-barrel with a Comp cam and a Clifford split header exiting into a full dual exhaust.

So why the Shelby clone treatment? Well, my other Mustangs is a 1966 Shelby GT350H that I’ve owned for the past 48 years. A Hertz Rent-A-Racer out of the Miami Airport pool, with the 10-spokes and a LeMans Bowl Holley and a 3:89 rear gear – total old-school cool!”

Our thanks to Jerry Sullivan for sharing his Ford Mustang story with us here in the Ford Fan Spotlight!

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