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JUL 25, 2019 | Ford Performance Staff



Raleigh, N.C. - Ever wonder what makes some cars automotive icons while others remain . . . well, just cars? It’s a car’s ability to win hearts and minds that makes them so memorable. And there’s likely never been a better example of that than the Ford Mustang. When Ford Performance comes to your town to set up a Meet & Greet at a club show or event, we get to hear hundreds of great Mustang stories – but one of the most heartwarming in recent memory was the one told to us by Ken George. Ken attended a Ford Performance presentation at the Mustang 55 Years event in Charlotte, NC, last April, and sent us this note (and photo) about his experience there:

“Hello, Ford Performance! My name is Ken George, and I’m a member of the Heart of Carolina Mustang Club. I just wanted to write to let you know how ‘moving’ (in the emotional sense) your presentation was at the 55th, delivered by your Enthusiast Communications Manager John Clor. (I am not ashamed to say that both my eyes leaked a little; owners on either side noticing me wiping the tears.) Being a fellow Mustang owner, I could relate to quite a bit of what he was saying to the crowd.

“Before buying my '66 Mustang in 1994, I was basically a GM guy. But after I bought my daily-driver Tahoe Turquoise V-8 4-barrel Mustang, heads were turning everywhere I went. Strangers talked to me at gas stations, at carpool lanes, clients shared their owner stories, etc. I thought it was kinda cool to hear about the Mustangs they had owned. Funny, they were always ‘just like’ the one I was driving, except for the color, year, bodystyle, rims, interior, and so on.

“Little did I know that two years later when I ‘upgraded’ to a '65 Red GT Convertible with a very rare bench seat, the number of comments would be multiplied by 10 or more. I was hooked! Ford became MY car company. Ever since then, neither the company that I owned, nor my own family bought anything else. Since 1994, I've bought 1 Ranger, 2 Explorers, 2 Expeditions, 2 Excursions, 3 Escapes, 1 Transit Connect, 1 Fusion, 4 Fiestas and 13 Focuses -- 3 of which were SVT's. After ordering a new Focus and waiting six weeks for it back in 2015, a used 2014 Red Mustang Convertible caught my eye at a Ford dealership. I drove it home for my wife the next day! It matches my '65: Red with a Black Top! We now have HIS and HERS convertibles!

When John Clor talked about Mustang owners being the best salesmen Ford has ever had, I'm sure he knows how right he is about that. I wish that presentation at the 55th could be made to all to Ford managers, engineers, designers and product planners. The Mustang IS AN AMERICAN ICON! Having gotten Gale Halderman to both sign AND ride in my '65 Convertible, I feel like a part of Henry Ford himself rides with me every time I pull it out of the garage. I even think back to Ford’s ‘greasy fingers’ working on a gas engine on his kitchen table. (At least that's the story I heard about the founder, many years before I bought a Ford.)

“There is no other brand that has impacted the world more than Ford. Thanks to John Clor for what he does for our clubs and enthusiasts with his writing, visits to our car shows and especially for chauffeuring Gale Halderman to events. And thanks to Ford Performance for giving him the ability to connect with the clubs. I'm sending along a picture I took just nine days before the Mustang’s 55th birthday party in Concord, NC. I didn't anticipate ever showing it to anyone; it was just one of those moments. I had just parked in the drive to walk to the mailbox, but had to do what John Clor said we all do: I turned to see just HOW GOOD that Mustang looked. And then I realized it wasn't just the Mustang that has me filled with pride; it was all our Fords parked together! Thank you, Henry. Words just aren't enough . . . and my eyes again are blurry.”

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