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DEARBORN, Mich. - We met William Phillips down in Georgia last November at the Savannah Mustang Club’s annual Mustang and Ford show. William’s muscular 2013 Mustang Boss 302 caught our eye during the event, and he bent our ear a bit talking Ford Performance while hanging out at our Ford Performance Meet & Greet tent that day. Seems William just can’t help himself when it comes to modifying his Mustangs. Check out why in his email to us below, and how his mods got his late-model Boss Mustang to run the quarter-mile in the very low 11-second range:

“Hello, Ford Performance! My name is William Phillips. I spent most of the day at the Savannah Mustang Club‘s car show last November in your Ford Performance Meet & Greet tent talking with you about Mustangs. After you saw my Boss 302, you suggested I send in my story, so here it is:

“I guess you could call me a typical Mustang enthusiast. I have always been the one to push the performance envelope of stock Mustangs. My first Mustang was a 1987 GT, which I bought after years of owning and growing up around Chevys. My dad always drove Ford trucks, but was always involved in performance cars with Chevys. I had a 1971 Camaro SS that got spanked by a new 1987 Mustang GT 5.0, so I went out and bought one a couple weeks later. I’ve been hooked on Mustangs ever since.

“I have never kept any of the Mustangs that I have owned factory stock. My ’87 Mustang GT was one of the very first around that had the GT40 Package when Ford first introduced it. I kept that car for years, but of course then family things came along and I eventually sold it.

“Years later, I bought a 1999 Mustang GT, thinking this time I would just keep it stock. After tangling with a new Camaro at the time, I decided I needed to modify it. I took that ’99 two-valve V-8 to the limits. I was one of the first people in the country to have custom-ground cams installed in a Mustang right after Comp Cams came out with their kit for the Ford 2V. I was also one of the first to go to a Kenne Bell 2.2-liter supercharger setup. That car, back in 2004, was making 600 rear-wheel horsepower on 93 octane, putting power through a Tremec TKO manual and an SVT Cobra IRS.

“My 1999 Mustang GT was truly a beast, but after seven years of pushing the limits, I decided it was time for a change and sold the car. I wasn’t blown away by the S197 after its 2005   debut until the 2011 freshening came around. At that time I happened to be in the market for another Mustang, and this time I was looking for something with balanced performance. I loved the power of the Shelby GT500 but it never felt it was a balanced driving machine. Then I test-drove a 2013 Boss Mustang and fell in love with it. No, it didn’t have the big GT500 horsepower number, but the Boss was way fast and superbly balanced on both road and track.

“Over the years I’ve owned her, I’ve modified my Boss with mostly Ford parts. Despite very respectable 12.6-second ¼-mile times bone stock, my modifications have pushed her to a best so far of 11.2’s on a bad track. The car still has the Boss’s road-racing suspension underneath her, and has never been stripped down to be a pure race car. She has always been driven to the track, had the tires changed, then raced, had the tires changed back, and driven home. 

“The Boss really shines with just a few select Ford part upgrades on top of an already great setup. So far I’ve added a Ford Cobra Jet intake (also ported it), twin 65mm throttle bodies from Ford Performance Parts and their Cold Air Intake setup, plus long-tube 1-3/4 headers, cats delete exhaust ending in 2013 GT500 quad tips, and some special tuning done by me and a friend. We have now tweaked the stock setup to make a nice 477rwhp on 93, and 490 on E85.

“I’ve sent you a few pictures of my Boss at the track, plus of my Fox Mustangs and my ’99. I also want to tell you how nice it was to see Ford Performance at our local show. It was great to know that Ford makes an effort to connect with its customers on their own turf. To me, it shows that Ford still cares about its most avid fans, and that the company still has passion for the Ford brand. Almost better than sharing my own Mustang story with you was the ability to hear stories about Mustang passion at Ford from you. Sharing stories with Ford Performance is something you’d never expect to do a normal car meet – thank you!”

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