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Founded in 2010 with just a small group of friends who owned Ford Mustangs, NJStangers has grown to become a huge Mustang family of more than 1,700 members and counting! In fact, we're not just NJStangers anymore; we've grown to become East Coast Stangers & Fast Fords, and now have members scattered across the East Coast, from NY to NJ and down to SC and beyond! Every single member loves to hang out and talk about cars and work on their cars as well. We're a Mustang and fast Fords club that loves to have fun, but are completely against street racing and believe that if you want to see what your car can do, do it on the dragstrip or on a professional and safe course.

NJStangers has become a haven for many Ford enthusiasts, just to get away from everyday life for a little while and enjoy spending time with others who share the same Mustang passion as they do. We're also a club that helps others out, whether it's helping to install a new mod or answering questions about what could be an issue with someone's Mustang or other fast Ford that needs fixing. Who doesn't like making new friends that share the same passion? NJStangers definitely does!

When you're a part of NJStangers / East Coast Mustangs and Fast Fords, you'll be informed of any and every known car show coming up, whether or not it's hosted by NJStangers. You can also look forward to two Dyno Days a year hosted by NJStangers among many other events – once in the spring and once in the fall. It's completely free to join NJStangers.org, and once you do you're bound to make new friends to share your passion of Mustangs and fast Fords with them, get the advice you need when it comes to your own car or truck, and have opportunities to come out and hang out!

Member Benefits

    ·         Free to join and have discussions on the forum with other Mustang and fast Ford enthusiasts

    ·         Discounted Dyno Days

    ·         Unique cruises to large Mustang and fast Ford events

    ·         Registered members get discounts from local and national vendors

    ·         Dedicated Facebook Page and Group

    ·         Dedicated Instagram Page

    ·         Special savings from local performance shops

    ·         Supported members get an ad-free experience

    ·         A  safe environment for you and your family and friends to enjoy

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