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The GT/CS Registry.com web site is dedicated to the owners of 2007 through 2009 Mustang GT/CS cars, plus the new 2011 Mustang GT/CS. It was also established to celebrate the classic California Special Mustangs from 1968. This site was created to provide registered members of the GT/CS Registry with specific vehicle information, such as build dates, production figures and other documentation concerning members' cars. There is no cost to join this site, although donations are being accepted to keep the site operational.  

Member Benefits

  • "Official" club web site, www.gtcsregistry.com, which features important GT/CS information
  • "Personal Gallery" web page (Members can email pictures to site manager, who will then create a personal picture gallery web page for any member at no charge.)
  • Affiliation with Ford Racing's "Ford Performance Group" (FPG) of enthusiast organizations
  • Custom Membership Decals (Registered Members can purchase 3-inch diameter vinyl decals in their specific car's color for just $7.00, including shipping and handling.)
  • Membership Letter (Registered members can purchase a customized "Membership Letter," printed on certificate paper with their vehicle's VIN decoded – including build date and sequential blend number, along with build options – for just $5.00, including shipping and handling.)
  • Exclusive discounts on FPG Certificates of Authenticity (when available from Ford Racing) and other special enthusiast merchandise offered by the Ford Performance Group

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