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The Capri Club North America (CCNA) is dedicated to the 1969-1987 Ford Capri manufactured by Ford of Europe and imported to North America from 1970 to 1977 for the Lincoln-Mercury Division. The CCNA seeks to preserve the design, manufacturing, marketing, motorsports, and cultural legacy of the Ford Capri.

The CCNA was founded in 1995 in anticipation of the 30th Anniversary of the birth of the Capri, which was celebrated in 1998. Hundreds of Ford Capri enthusiasts throughout North America have joined the CCNA and participated in its many events since that time.  Being a clearinghouse for Capri information in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, throughout North America. The Club assists owners, prospective buyers, media outlets, and researchers with technical and historical information about the Ford Capri. CCNA maintains a library, tool loan program, media archives, and historical Ford documents and photos.

The CCNA maintains a web site and a Facebook page with notices on future meets and photo reports on past events, various helpful articles, classifieds, and tables of information about the Ford Capri.

The Capri Club North America stages annual gatherings, culminating in "The Capri Swarm", the annual National CCNA Meet held continuously since 1997. The Capri Swarm is held each year over Labor Day Weekend in Columbus, Ohio. It features a mix of concourse displays, autocross, racing, rallying, banquet, special guests, tech clinics, and excellent camaraderie for Ford Capri fans of all ages.

In 2006, the CCNA founded the Ford Capri Hall Of Fame to honor and commemorate those organizations, people, events, and things which have made the Ford Capri the successful automotive icon worldwide. The Hall Of Fame board members are an international group of Ford Capri clubs, journalists, and marque experts.

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