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Mustang new paint

DEARBORN - Most Ford fans know the 1979-93 “Fox Body” Mustangs for their measurable performance gains during the 1980s that put the term “5.0” into the enthusiast vernacular. But many owners of these highly collectible Mustangs have also measured the performance of these ponies by their durability. You can add Roger Hyder of Las Vegas to that list, after he rolled past 353,000 miles on his 1992 Mustang LX 5.0, and rewarded it with a new paint job. Read Roger’s note to us below to hear how his first week with his then-new Mustang back in 1992 drew interest from a California Highway Patrol LX 5.0:

“Dear ‘Ford Fan Spotlight:’ My name is Roger Hyder and I’m from Las Vegas My first car was a 1970 Maverick Grabber that I had owned and driven for 16 years and 203,000 miles before she got totaled. I also had a 1970 Mustang coupe, an ’83 Mustang GT, an ’86 Mustang GT, and a 1989 Escort GT that I traded in for a Mustang LX 5.0. I bought it new off the lot in August of 1992; it was the Bimini Blue paint that caught my eye.

“In the first week of ownership, I got a ticket in her for going in ‘excess of 110 mph.’ I was actually cruising at 125 mph down the freeway when I blew past a California Highway Patrol car that was sitting on the side of the freeway. After I got the ticket from the officer, we talked about 5.0 Mustangs because . . . he was driving one, too!

“I do most of all the normal maintenance on the car myself. Being a pilot I always log everything that I do to it. I like to impress everyone by telling them just how long the stock parts on my Mustang have lasted: the first clutch lasted 154,000 miles; the original alternator, 198,000; the original starter, 230,000; and the original power steering pump, 330,000 miles! The engine and transmission in my Mustang are still original, with the only changes being minor performance bolt-on's. Most recently, I decided to change out the original exhaust.

“A friend of mine told me he thought it was time to put the Mustang out to pasture. ‘She’s tired!’ he said. But I told him that I can't do that to this old Mustang – she’d been too good to me. My Mustang has never let me down in all these years over all those miles. Now she has a new paint of the original color -- and she still runs great!

“I've had many people make positive comments to me about my LX 5.0 on the freeway, on the street and some even after following me home. The say things like, ‘Nice car!’ and ‘Nice Fox Body!’ or ‘What year is it?’ or ‘Are you the original owner?’ and ‘That looks new!’ or ‘Hey, is that a manual?’ and ‘Do you want to sell it?’ … No, I just can’t sell her, even after 24 years. 

“She now has over 353,500 miles on her. When my friends ask how long I expect to keep it, I tell them, ‘400,000 miles – here we come!’ And P.S.: When I see that Subaru commercial with the old car being driven off and a voice comes on to say, ‘You remember when it turned over 300,000,’ I say, ‘Yeah? That’s no big deal – try 350,000 and still fun to drive!”

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